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Clouds wash over Mount Katahdin's Tablelands, just a mile or so from the northern terminus of the Appalachian TrailNin the cat on Mount Washington. Illustration by T.B.R. Walsh from Cat in the Clouds

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If All the Animals Came InsideCat in the CloudsLife at the Top: Mount Washington Observatory Tales
Animal tales, weather wisdom and mountain mischief for all ages

Welcome to the website of New Hampshire author Eric Pinder. To find books, interviews, humorous essays, recommended reading, and more, please visit the annotated sitemap.

Hop on an elephant and discover what happens when hippos, lions and lemurs play hide-and-seek or tag indoors. Or come take a literary field trip to the icy outpost where Eric lived and worked for seven years. His experiences on the foggy, windswept summit of Mount Washington inspired several books, including his first children's book, Cat in the Clouds.

Weather aficionados can debate the merits of Celsius vs Fahrenheit, find out what ice storms and The Electric Company have in common, groan at some bad puns, and try to ace a fun but deceptively easy quiz.

Eric PinderNews & Upcoming Events:
Wednesday, April 24: Presentation and book signing at Epsom NH Library from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.

New picture book published: I'd Rather Be Riding My Bike

An author interview discusses words, myths, and the writing life.

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