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Clouds wash over Mount Katahdin's Tablelands, just a mile or so from the northern terminus of the Appalachian TrailNin the cat on Mount Washington. Illustration by T.B.R. Walsh from Cat in the Clouds

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Interviews with Nature Writers

This scenic picture, with a quote by Thoreau, decorates a 160 page 5x8 journal. Perfect for the nature writer on the trail.Interviews with Annie Dillard, author of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek can be found at these links:

BookPage interview with Annie Dillard
Discusses her first novel, The Living

Article/interview with Dillard at the Yale Herald

Annie Dillard’s Home Page

Interviews with Barry Lopez, author of Of Wolves and Men

“Paying Attention,” interview from Orion magazine’s Summer 1990 issue, with Lopez, Kenneth Margolis and Stephen Trimble

Capitola Book Cafe interview. Lopez discusses his book About This Life

Another conversation with Barry Lopez about About This Life

Two audio interviews with Barry Lopez and Don Swaim. 30+ minutes

Listen to Barry Lopez read from Moby Dick on NPR.
Apparently Moby Dick is Lopez’s favorite book.

Lopez on fiction vs memoir in a long january magazine interview

Barry Holstun Lopez Home Page

Interviews with Edward Abbey, the always controversial and often funny author of Desert Solitaire and The Monkey Wrench Gang
(Click here to read musings about my favorite Abbey essay,
Down the River with Henry Thoreau”)

Transcript of 1982 KEAT-TV interview with Edward Abbey

26-minute audio interview with Edward Abbey and Don Swaim

“Abbey’s Web,” Appalachian roots article

An interview with John McPhee, author of Encounters with the Archdruid and far too many other books (oh how I envy prolific writers)

John McPhee on National Public Radio

Interviews with mopey Loren Eiseley, the Eeyore of nature and science writing. Author of The Immense Journey.

Eiseley on “Will the human race survive?” (scroll down for English)

An article about Loren Eiseley as storyteller

Interviews with Linda Hasselstrom, author of Going Over East

South Dakota Review’s interview with Linda Hasselstrom

Very short interview with Linda Hasselstrom

More interview and articles of interest

Bill Bryson isn’t usually thought of as a nature writer, but he did write A Walk in the Woods. Read an interview with Bryson here.

An interview with Terry Tempest Williams

Diane Hume George discusses the craft of creative nonfiction

Robert D. Richardson dicusses Thoreau and Annie Dillard at Bookslut

Interviews with Eric Pinder

“Green Light”
The power of words, favorite myths, creative jealousy, and the importance of persistence are among the topics in this interview with Green Light Press from January 2012.

“The Day Job”
How can you make a living as a writer without starving? How can you win a staring contest with a raven? This interview from June 7, 2010, discusses writers and their (sometimes unusual) day jobs.

“Among the Clouds”
Undercasts, alpine cats, mountain weather and Captain Crunch’s place in the breakfast cereal pantheon were the topics of discussion when WeatherBrains interviewed Eric Pinder on March 30, 2010.

Nature, Writing & Unicycles
Favorite authors, Edward Abbey’s sense of humor, and reasons to root against the Cubs are all topics in this long text interview with Eric Pinder. Serah Carter of Chester College of New England asked questions about nature writing, writing children’s books, a writer’s daily routine and unicycles prior to Eric’s public reading at Chester College on October 27, 2008.

Katahdin's Knife Edge. Click to read Bradford Washburn's cumedgeonly letter about the book NORTH TO KATAHDIN.North to Katahdin Journey from windswept Mount Washington to “Forever Wild” Katahdin, where Thoreau was haunted by Pamola in the fog. Thousands have followed in Thoreau’s footsteps. What do they seek? Whose grave is on Doubletop Mountain? How did Donn Fendler survive eight days lost in the wilderness? Listen to Eric Pinder and host Shay Zeller in this 1/2-hour interview. Originally aired on NHPR’s The Front Porch, August 16, 2005.

Strange WeatherWhat causes hurricanes, droughts and tornadoes? Why is weather so hard to predict? This hour-long interview features Eric Pinder of the Mount Washington Observatory, Professor Arthur Upgren of Wesleyan University and John Pierce, publisher of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, with host Juan Williams. Listeners call in with questions ranging from El Nino to “chem trails” to global warming. (I remember having a terrible cold this day and struggling not to cough into the microphone.) Originally aired on NPR’s Talk of the Nation on September 14, 2000.

Eric Pinder being interviewed by The Weather Channel on top of Mount Washington

Tying Down the Wind A short interview with Eric Pinder on The Weather Notebook, with host Bryan Yeaton.


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